MYSANITY is committed to sustainability, always has been.


All our items are made of selected, certified quality materials, free of chemical treatments harmful to health and the environment, which are absolutely necessary to guarantee the best performance.

The continuous search for innovative raw materials and Mysanity's production capabilities have contributed to the development of new generations of products for the well-being of mothers. The use of hypoallergenic materials with dyes free of heavy metals, the choice of soft accessories that do not cause skin irritation because they are free of nickel and formaldehyde are the other added values ​​that characterize our line of professional underwear, just as our procedure is professional alongside mothers.

Mysanity therefore acts as a sensitive and creative but at the same time technological, concrete and professional partner, to always offer the best to all mothers before, during and after pregnancy.


Research, craftsmanship and social responsibility are the cornerstones of our DNA, a unique combination that makes us different from all other brands in the sector.

Mysanity has been a pioneer of Pear production since 2005 and is based on the territorial distribution of raw materials and skills, a new business model not a different production model.

Pear production is like a sewing machine: it stitches together the value of territorial skills, a true treasure of Made in Italy , combining a demand increasingly based on digital interaction with a coordinated offer between different peers:  Research, Production and Distribution.

Mysanity's production centers are located in Italy depending on the professional skills in thinking and processing the available raw materials.

Thanks to this network of partners, to a conscious use of resources and new technologies, the supply chain is simplified and thus becomes shorter and more sustainable .


We believe in a future based only on renewable sources and energy efficiency, exhaustible sources have a serious impact on the climate, environment, health, economy and society.

MYSANITY purchases energy only from sustainable companies coming from photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric plants with a guarantee of origin . We actively encourage every entity in our supply chain towards the energy transition. supporting the abandonment of fossil fuels and joining a community that puts environmental, social and economic sustainability first.


MYSANITY has developed with passion, research and creativity a packaging capable of best protecting and preserving the product over time, taking up as little space as possible, easy to open and use, with the lowest environmental impact and the least waste production.

A resealable paper-based bag , recyclable, without resorting to the use of plastic.

  • product weight only: lightweight packaging, reduces transport costs and environmental impact by 50% compared to classic clothing packaging
  • safety: it does not break, there is no risk of damage
  • flexibility and hygiene: light, resistant and easy to use, it protects from external agents and the bag is resealable
  • practicality: it can be opened and closed to view the product, easy to dispose of (recyclable in paper)
  • Made in Italy: even the packaging is made in Italy

A further innovation from MYSANITY to develop more sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging alternatives, maintaining hygiene barriers and essential properties unchanged.


All our production is 100% Made in Italy and allows us to reduce CO2 emissions compared to companies with production abroad that transport raw materials and finished products from one continent to another.

To ship our products we use recyclable packaging via couriers that offset CO2 emissions.

So have we reached the finish line? In reality, just as much has already been done, much can still be done.