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Nursing and maternity pajamas

Is there a specific model of pajamas to wear to the clinic to give birth?

Not really, but it is good to consider some characteristics: During pregnancy, a woman's outfit tends to change to adapt to changes in her body. As the weeks pass, maternity clothes are preferred that are not tight, do not irritate the skin, with well-maintained flat seams, capable of accommodating the baby bump and which are comfortable and above all practical.

Our pajamas have been designed and produced with Oeko Tex certified natural fabrics to offer you maximum comfort during pregnancy and to put in the birth bag, they are not needed for the exact moment of birth but are useful for hospitalization when the belly is still large .

The fit of the pajamas is designed to facilitate medical checks, to be able to manage personal hygiene well and also to start breastfeeding without having to undress, especially at night. In the maternity ward you need to be practical and comfortable, we therefore suggest that you prefer comfortable clothing rather than beautiful but uncomfortable and annoying clothing on the skin.

Remember that the temperatures in the departments are adequate and you don't need to cover up too much, if in doubt it's best to wear one nightie .

If you prefer the breastfeeding night shirt look at our models to coordinate with nursing bras .