Technical analysis

MySanity Linea Mamma has been carefully designed to meet the needs of mothers completely.

Here is a detailed technical analysis of our maternity underwear products:

  • Attractive and functional design: Each garment in our line features an attractive design that adapts to the shape of the body during pregnancy and the postpartum period. The goal is to offer a modern and fashionable look without compromising practicality and functionality.
  • Comfort and support: Our pre-natal line has been designed to ensure maximum comfort during the pregnancy period. The garments are designed to adapt to the natural development of the belly and breasts, offering adequate support and reducing tension. The postpartum line is designed to facilitate the recovery of physical shape after pregnancy, guaranteeing a comfortable and functional fit.
  • High quality materials: We only use selected, certified quality materials for our garments. This ensures that they are soft to the touch, breathable and gentle on the skin. Furthermore, the choice of hypoallergenic materials guarantees maximum comfort and safety for mothers.
  • Durability and sustainability: Our garments are designed to last over time. We use sturdy stitching and high quality materials which guarantee the durability of the products even after numerous uses and washes. Our attention to garment durability contributes to greater sustainability, reducing environmental impact.
  • Added values: In addition to comfort and quality, we offer further added values ​​to our products. We eliminate unnecessary seams to avoid discomfort for mothers' sensitive skin. Furthermore, we choose soft accessories that do not cause skin irritation, ensuring a pleasant wearing experience.

By choosing MySanity Linea Mamma, you will have the certainty of wearing high quality maternity underwear, with an attractive design and impeccable functionality.

We are a sensitive, creative and technological partner who is committed to always offering the best to mothers, before, during and after pregnancy.