Collection: Accessories

Discover the range of maternity accessories dedicated to pregnant women and new mothers.

We are here to help you make the most of the wait for the happy event and face childbirth peacefully. Our midwife-recommended accessories offer you comfort and convenience during this special time in your life.

Our disposable postpartum panties are perfect for after giving birth. Made from soft, breathable materials, they provide comfortable support for your body while it recovers. Mesh panties are another popular choice, thanks to their elasticity and ventilation which ensure optimal comfort.

To address any breastfeeding problems, we recommend silver nipple shields. These nipple shields have antibacterial properties that promote wound healing and relieve pain and fissures.

Sanitary socks are indispensable during childbirth, maintaining hygiene and cleanliness. Made of water-resistant material, they offer you peace of mind and convenience during birth work.

Essential pregnancy accessories recommended by midwives to best enjoy the wait for the happy event and face childbirth peacefully.

View our collection of accessories for pregnancy and the postpartum period and enjoy a more comfortable and peaceful experience. Choose the quality and reliability of our products to better face this unique phase of your life. Consult our specialists for further personalized advice.