Collection: Pregnancy sheath

Explore our wide selection of pregnancy sleeves and discover the relief you deserve.

During the fourth to fifth month of pregnancy, the weight of the uterus can put a strain on the back of expectant mothers. This is where our pregnancy girdle comes in, designed to provide comfort and support.

Made of high-quality materials, our sleeve gently wraps around your lower abdomen and lower back, relieving pressure and reducing fatigue. The light compression promotes better posture and relieves stress on muscles and joints.

Our sheath is specially designed to adapt to the changing shape of your body during pregnancy. Its adjustable and flexible fit guarantees maximum comfort at every stage of pregnancy. Plus, the discreet and slim design allows you to wear it comfortably under your clothes without it being noticeable.

Your comfort is our priority. Choose our pregnancy girdle and face this wonderful adventure with greater comfort. Order now and enjoy the relief you deserve during your pregnancy. Your back will thank you!