Used materials

The quality of materials is a priority for us.

We carefully choose the materials used to guarantee durable and comfortable products.

We are proud to offer a selection of items made from high quality materials, which ensure comfort, durability and sustainability. Each material chosen has been carefully evaluated to meet our high standards and the needs of our customers.

Explore our range of materials and discover the unique features that make our products exceptional.


The Tencel™ material is a cellulose fiber obtained from wood from eco-sustainable forest plantations. This material is ecological and biodegradable, contributing to environmental protection. Its smooth and elastic surface offers a feeling of softness and comfort. Furthermore, its high ability to absorb moisture helps create an optimal microclimate on the skin.


Modal® fiber is an ideal choice for comfort and durability. Obtained from beech wood cellulose, it offers a soft and comfortable fabric to wear. Compared to cotton, Modal® fabrics are less subject to shrinkage and fading, ensuring greater durability over time. Furthermore, its high hygroscopicity allows it to absorb moisture efficiently.


Bamboo fiber is an eco-friendly choice for its natural cultivation, without fertilizers and pesticides. Fabrics made from this fiber are known for their permeability and softness. Bamboo fiber has antibacterial and anti-allergic properties, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, bamboo fabrics are biodegradable, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact.

Silver Fiber (X-static®):

Silver fiber incorporates the precious properties of pure silver. This fiber is known for its ability to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria, reduce odors and dissipate electrical charges on the skin. Furthermore, silver is an excellent thermal conductor, maintaining the body's natural heat and distributing it evenly.

Warp-knitted Cotton:

We use an innovative warp-knit cotton fabric in the production of our garments. This fabric has a compact and resistant structure, which guarantees durability and elasticity even under strong stress. Thanks to its particular composition, our warp-knitted cotton garments maintain their integrity over time, without fraying or losing elasticity. You can enjoy garments that last a long time and maintain a fresh and lively appearance even after numerous uses and washes.


Cotton is a natural fiber that offers numerous benefits in terms of comfort, resistance and versatility. The cotton garments in our collection are made with high-quality cotton, carefully selected to ensure a soft and comfortable feel against the skin. Cotton is known for its ability to wick moisture, allowing your skin to breathe and keeping you feeling fresh throughout the day. By choosing cotton garments, you can enjoy natural comfort and a pleasant wearing experience. Cotton is suitable for all seasons, being thermoregulatory and able to maintain body heat in winter and freshness in summer. Furthermore, cotton is a resistant fiber that offers long life to our garments, ensuring that they remain beautiful and in shape even after numerous uses and washes.

We are committed to offering our customers products made from high quality materials, safe for our customers and produced with careful craftsmanship.

Italian production:

We are proud to say that the fabrics and other raw materials used are of Italian production. Italy has a long tradition in the textile sector and we are committed to maintaining the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that distinguish Made in Italy products. Our local production allows us to guarantee the quality of materials and workmanship, as well as support the local economy.


The OEKO-TEX® certification guarantees that the raw materials used are free of substances toxic to human health and the environment. This standard allows us to offer safe, high-quality materials, limiting the use of harmful chemicals.


Sanforization treatment, patented in 1930 by Sanford Lockwood Cluett, is an important part of some manufacturing processes. This mechanical and thermal treatment prevents the shrinkage of the fabric during subsequent washes, ensuring that the garments maintain their original shape and size over time. The Sanfor® brand is registered in over 100 countries and is synonymous with quality and reliability in the textile sector.

We are committed to offering products that are both high quality and environmentally friendly.

The choice of materials is a fundamental part of our company philosophy. Each material used has been carefully selected to ensure maximum comfort, durability and sustainability. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our materials or products.

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information.