Style Guides

Here you will find a collection of detailed guides on how to combine different maternity underwear to create elegant and fashionable looks during pregnancy.

We know that being fashionable and feeling good in your clothing are important to many women, even during pregnancy. Our style guides will offer you valuable advice on how to combine bras, panties and other maternity items to achieve looks that will make you feel beautiful and confident.

We will explore current trends, taking into account different seasons and personal preferences. We will give you advice on how to match colours, fabrics and prints, always maintaining maximum comfort. Whether you have a classic, trendy or boho-chic style, you will find suggestions for adapting maternity underwear to your personal taste.

In addition to the combinations, we will also focus on the functionality of the garments. We'll give you detailed information about different types of maternity bras, such as underwired or underwired, front-fastened or back-fastened, to help you find the support and comfort you need during pregnancy. We'll discuss maternity panties, robes, pajamas and other undergarments that can complete your maternity look.

To make your shopping even easier, within the guides you will find direct links to related products available in our e-commerce. You can conveniently purchase the recommended items and create your maternity looks directly from our site.

We understand that every woman has different needs during pregnancy, and the style guides are designed to help you find maternity underwear that suits your lifestyle and preferences. Whether you're looking for a formal look for a special occasion or a more casual outfit for everyday life, you'll find practical advice and inspiration to create your perfect maternity outfit.

We are here to accompany you on this extraordinary journey to motherhood, providing you with style guides that will make you feel beautiful, confident and fashionable during pregnancy. Explore the "Style Guides" section and discover an inexhaustible source of tips and ideas for creating maternity looks that reflect your personality and unique style.

We can't wait to be part of your maternity fashion journey and help you experience a pregnancy full of style and confidence!