I materiali anallergici di MySanity


The use of hypoallergenic materials,the choice of soft accessories that do not cause skin irritation are some of the added values that characterize our products.

The items of the line are made with selected materials and Italian certified quality, necessary to guarantee the best performance.



Cotton is a vegetable fiber, biocompatible, hydrophilic, veryresistant and at the same time flexible : thanks to its finesse and softness, it offers a feeling of well-being in contact with the skin. Cotton does not produce electrostatic charges and has a natural anti-stress effect.

Cotone indemagliabile


Innovative cotton fabric with an undeatable texture with a compact and more resistant structure. It guarantees durability and elasticity even at high stresses.



Modal® is a fiber of natural origin obtained from the cellulose of beech wood. Fabrics made with Modal fiber are pleasantly soft and comfortable to wear, do not fade and compared to cotton they shrink and discolor more difficult.

If washed in hard water, they do not retain minerals such as limestone on the treated surface. Modal fiber is about 50% more hygroscopic per unit volume than cotton.

Modal® is a trademark registered by Lenzing - Austria



The fiber comes from the bamboo marrow. It is characterized by excellent permeability, a strong feeling of softness and a high ease of dyeing.

It is also a new natural fiber "Eco-Friendly" as the bamboo from which it is obtained is grown naturally, without fertilizers and pesticides, in complete respect for the environment.

No chemical additives are used in the processing of bamboo fiber, production processes do not emit polluting elements for the environment and the resulting tissue is biodegradable.

These are the main reasons that led mysanity to choose this innovative fiber to create the new product line. Bamboo fiber has the typical characteristics of natural and organic fibers, and also guarantees incredible ease of use.

The softness of the fabric and the use of functional seams for support, allow the Bamboo Line to become the ideal underwear for any type of activity. It is gentle on the skin and has really valuable antibacterial and antiallergic properties.



Fiber is obtained by theunion of a layer of pure silver to the surface of a textile fiber. Thanks to an innovative process, X-static fiber maintains its textile characteristics (softness, elasticity and texture) and incorporates the precious peculiarities of pure silver.

The fiber guarantees the elimination of 99.9% of bacteria, maintains the body's natural heat by distributing it evenly, reduces the onset of odors, collects and dissipates the electrical charges present on the skin. The characteristics of the silver fiber in more detail are:


Silver, among the natural elements, is the one that has the highest rate of thermal conduction. This allows Silver Laber products to maintain the body's natural heat for a long time, distributing it evenly over the entire surface, for maximum comfort.


Bacteria, ammonia and denatured proteins cause bad odors in clothing products. The silver present in the Silver Label underwear, with its antibacterial and breathable properties, easily reduces the onset of odors.


The sanitizing power of silver has been known for centuries. Silver Label, with its exclusive fiber, applies this important feature to the underwear for the mother, obtaining products that reduce the appearance of bacteria and turn sweat into an antimicrobial agent.


Silver Label's silver fiber conductive power reduces the chance of receiving static, annoying, and negative discharges for moms and their children. In addition, Silver Label products collect and dissipate the electrical charges present on the surface of the skin decreasing the feeling of discomfort.

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