Paniate is the No. 1 portal in Italy for the sale of products for early childhood, play, school, garden, home, kitchen and Christmas.

We are not a marketplace, we are a single sales organization, also present in the area with 8 sales points , which manages all the development and sales processes of the products offered with extreme care.

Every single product is sold directly by us with fast and tracked shipping; our reliability accompanies you even after the sale, thanks to the after-sales assistance services and the availability of original spare parts.

An operational headquarters in Asti houses the administrative and commercial offices. The central warehouse and the production laboratory are also located in Asti.

Paniate snc manages all development, marketing and communication processes internally, growing and enhancing the human resources who over time have demonstrated that they share its values ​​by offering a constructive contribution to the progress of the company.

Within the company there are purchasing managers with more than ten years of product experience, store managers trained in the company or coming from important experience in large-scale retail trade, communication and development managers who have already held this role in the most important Italian group of specialized shops in childhood, project managers and management of web-communication and e-commerce, layout managers and technical designers capable of independently managing the redistribution of departments, technicians and designers of structures and games for open areas intended for use public or private.

An extremely short supply chain that goes from the decision-making center to the operational level with a useful and rapid return of information makes Paniate a dynamic company capable of responding to market changes more promptly than other companies, while at the same time developing all employees a sense of belonging that guarantees the end customer the possibility of finding themselves in front of people capable of taking care of their needs.

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