Iperbimbo dedicates itself to children's products with competence and passion.

The first Iperbimbo in Italy was born in May 1995 in Turin: an event which, in the following five years, was followed by ten other sales points.

Iperbimbo was born as an adequate response to an increasingly vast but already existing demand on the market:

the growing need of the pregnant woman and the new family to find everything necessary for the unborn child in a single commercial area.

application of the logic of large-scale retail trade to children's products, required by the same rhythms of the social context in which Iperbimbo has placed itself.

Once upon a time there was Iperbimbo... but life goes on!

Today "Life is wonderful" has become Iperbimbo's defining slogan: we find it on all the marketing & communication tools existing in the 42 sales points of the current franchisees.

Iperbimbo's objective is to understand, satisfy and above all exceed customer expectations.

Iperbimbo's winning formula lies in the particular collaboration between the parent company, licensees and suppliers.


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