Essential for the clinic

An early delivery of one or two weeks is normal, so fifteen or twenty days before the expected date it will be good to prepare the suitcase to take to the hospital so as not to be taken by surprise from the beginning of labor and in the confusion leave half of the women at home. things you need.

The hospital stay will last five or six days and the suitcase must contain enough clothing for himself and the child for this period. Each hospital has its own rules and requires different things from the woman who goes to give birth. Usually, during the birth preparation courses, sheets are distributed that list the clothing and items required by the hospital.

In the absence of precise indications, here is a standard list, which can obviously be integrated according to one's habits and needs .


The maternity medical record is of fundamental importance, containing all the examinations made during pregnancy, necessary for doctors to evaluate the risk factors of childbirth (do not forget your personal documents and health booklet).

  • Childbirth shirt , completely open on the front, elbow-length sleeves to facilitate the possible insertion of the drip, short to prevent it from rolling up
  • Nightdress for hospitalization , open up to the waist for breastfeeding or in any case for cleaning the nipples
  • Breastfeeding bras , with cups in cotton or natural fibers, that can be opened
  • Breast pads , which protect clothing from leaking milk
  • Postpartum belt , to support the abdomen and avoid muscle relaxation
  • High and non-slip underpants , with soft elastic also around the leg, to hold the pads. There are mesh and non-woven fabric
  • Cotton socks
  • Consistent sanitary napkins
  • Dirty laundry bag
  • Terry cloth mittens and a few towels
  • Napkins, paper handkerchiefs


Most hospitals provide baby diapers and swaddling clothes - it is best to inquire.

To stay in the hospital, the child will still need t-shirts, shirts and some swaddling covers. If roaming in the hospital is possible, it will be good to bring two soft terry towels to use only for the baby.

Indispensable for mom

MySanity offers the possibility to have everything you need to become a mother : from the shirt to the panties, passing through the breast pads and the nursing bras.

The indispensable products, for a more immediate identification, have been marked with a special stamp with the words “ indispensable for the clinic ”.