Mysanity, tradition and technology meet.

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The woman had (and needs) to dress something sublime, not mediocre; a sort of “substance and image”, also to feel like a worthy heir of that distant history in which beauty and seduction, if used with cunning, give enormous power. Regarding the shapes, they must be soft, comfortable and inspire lightness, sensuality and freshness.

With these characteristics, the fabric that seems most suitable is clearly cotton, or rather embellished cotton: Sangallo cotton.

The see-through of this fabric gives a sensual and fresh elegance to those who wear it. Ideal for those women who still don't mind being a little girl; far from the cloying excesses and vulgarities that are often seen.

The softness of combed cotton combined with the ecological and natural treatment of sanforization, to make the shirt unshrinkable, contribute to the innocent white fabric to give, at any moment of the day, a romantically harmonious air.

Mysanity has no intention of abandoning its traditions: all, absolutely all Made In Italy.

Mysanity san gallo cotton line

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