B di Bimbi is this: the daily home of emotions.

Ours is a story like this: a company path that sprouts from a long experience in the childhood sector and spreads throughout the national territory. At the center, love for birth, the emotions that tell it, constant attention to all the needs that parents and children express every day. This is why we have created a world dedicated to them: a world made up of solutions for the growth and well-being of children, for their emotional development, but above all, to accompany the happiness of those who love them. Today like yesterday, emotions to touch, to choose, to experience.


B di bimbi is now one of the largest Italian distribution chains specializing in the childcare sector, from zero to four years. Ours, however, is an entrepreneurial journey punctuated by different stages, and which takes its first steps at the dawn of the seventies, from the experience and ideas of a single sales agent.

In 1996, Baby Gross Srl was born, a company with a focus on wholesale for children, and which in a short time became part of a group already spread throughout the country, IO BIMBO. An important step, which will be followed shortly after by a further expansion of the business with the entry into the G.I.P.I. and the implementation of two other major brands in the childhood sector: Ideal Bimbo and Paniate.

Baby Gross Srl was born in Cagliari and progressively expands throughout the regional and national territory. Nine stores in Sardinia: Cagliari, Carbonia, Oristano, Nuoro, Tortolì, Olbia and Sassari. Three stores in Rome.

Today, always within the G.I.P.I. Baby Gross Srl gives life to a new experience: B di Bimbi. A new brand, new colors, a perspective that expands with new stores nationwide, always guaranteeing high quality products, high safety standards, and the guidance of child development experts. A solid and innovative point of reference for the whole world of childhood.


We like being close to the family, in all its forms.

We like to support the growth of children, in their every moment.

We like to do it through listening, comparing, making available the passion of those who love and know the world of early childhood.

We like to follow you competently, sharing the value of our tradition.

Being close, that matters.

Transforming every need into a choice, into a reliable, simple product, capable of stimulating children's creativity, their smile, their dreams.

We like to create new emotions.


Each birth is the beginning of a change. And in every change there is an emotional drive that helps to grow, as parents and as children.

This is why we wanted to transcribe the identity of B di Bimbi in the sign of emotions: "Emotions that are born". In fact, we believe that birth is above all an emotion, a unique joy, an energy that leads us to live new experiences, new parts of us.

Emotions that arise is this: a message that not only tells the identity of our company, but is part of each of our products, is expressed in the many commercial categories of our offer, and is within the spaces of our stores. Choosing B di Bimbi then means choosing something more than a product: it means choosing an emotion.

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