Bamboo, an all natural caress

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Bamboo fiber, a precious gift.

It is characterized by excellent permeability, a marked sensation of softness and a high ease of dyeing. It is a new natural "Eco-Friendly" fiber as the bamboo from which it is made is grown in a natural way, without fertilizers and pesticides, in complete respect for the environment.

No chemical additives are used in the processing of bamboo fiber, the production processes do not emit polluting elements for the environment and the resulting fabric is biodegradable.

Bamboo fiber possesses the typical characteristics of natural and organic fibers, and also guarantees an incredible ease of use.

These are the main reasons that led MySanity to choose this innovative fiber to create the new product line.

Mysanity linea bamboo una carezza sulla pelle

An innovative design combined with the characteristics of bamboo fiber are the secrets of this new way of conceiving maternity underwear for Mysanity, which guarantees exceptional performance and comfort never experienced before.

Each of the garments in the line is designed to be comfortable and able to easily adapt to the needs of every expectant woman and mother.

In addition, the bamboo fiber gives these garments a surprising softness that gives a pleasant sensation on the skin.

The design of the line is young and practical, to allow maximum wearability and ensure the best practicality of use even in the most delicate and demanding moments of a mother's life.

The softness of the fabric and the use of functional seams for support, allow the Bamboo Line to become the ideal underwear for any type of activity.

It is gentle on the skin and has very valuable anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties.

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