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Discover the Angel Caller, a jewel with ancient origins and magical power.

Deriving from the word "Bola", which means sphere, the Angel Caller comes from an ancient Mexican legend. According to the story passed down, this enchanting pendant has the power to attract the attention of angels thanks to its sweet sound. Fascinated by this celestial melody, angels approach and offer protection to the wearer.

In 2006, Mysanity created the first Angel Caller, a jewel that speaks directly to people's hearts. This precious and magical treasure has become the lucky symbol for pregnant women. By wearing the Call Angels necklace during pregnancy, the future mother cradles her baby with the delicate tinkling of angels. This sound becomes familiar and comforting to the fetus, creating a special bond between mother and unborn child.

But Calling Angels is not just limited to pregnancy. Even after birth, its protective power continues. It can be hung above the baby's cot or attached to the stroller or car seat. The delicate sound of angels accompanies the child, giving him a sense of security and tranquility.

Explore the Call Angeli collection by mysanity, where elegance and profound meaning come together in unique jewels. Choose from a wide range of designs and high-quality materials. Each Call Angels pendant is made with care and love, to bring joy and blessings to the mother and her baby.

Choose a special gift for yourself or for a future mother you care about. The Angel Caller represents a symbol of protection and love that will last over time. Cherish family bonds and precious emotions with this magical jewel.

Let yourself be enchanted by the magical power of the Angel Caller and experience this ancient tradition with a touch of modernity. Choose the Angel Caller, a jewel that will speak to your heart and accompany you on a journey of sweetness and priceless love.

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